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Professional Air Testing in Lafayette, LA

Ever wonder what’s really in the air you breathe? At Airelytics LLC, we make it our mission to unveil the hidden truths of your indoor environment! As Lafayette’s premier air testing experts, we specialize in transforming both residential and commercial spaces into havens of health, comfort, and energy efficiency. From comprehensive home performance assessments to meticulous HVAC testing and air quality solutions, our services are designed to enhance your living and working conditions while maximizing energy efficiency. Say goodbye to hidden pollutants and high energy bills — let us help you breathe easier and live better!

Our Process

Home Energy

We offer home energy assessments to identify inefficiencies in your home. Our detailed evaluations help you understand where energy is wasted, providing insights to improve comfort and efficiency.

Air Quality

Our air quality testing services detect pollutants and allergens in your indoor environment. We identify issues affecting your health and comfort, ensuring your home is safe and air quality is optimal.


We provide tailored solution recommendations based on our assessments. By addressing specific issues, we enhance your home's energy efficiency, air quality, and overall comfort, ensuring a better living environment.

Quality Air Starts Here

With a stellar reputation for professionalism and unmatched expertise, Airelytics LLC is your go-to provider for top-tier air testing in Lafayette, LA. Our BBB accreditation and affiliation with the Acadian Home Builders Association speak volumes about our commitment to quality and excellence. Whether you need indoor air quality testing, duct sealing, or a complete energy audit, our seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that cater to your specific needs. Trust us to provide the highest level of service and make your home or commercial space safer, healthier, and more efficient.

Our Services

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Energy Performance Audits

We perform thorough energy performance audits to uncover inefficiencies in your home. By identifying energy waste, we provide solutions that lower your bills, enhance comfort, and boost overall energy efficiency.

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Our code compliance services ensure your property meets local energy codes. We identify and address any issues, helping you avoid penalties, enhance safety, and maintain high energy efficiency standards.

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Air and Duct

Our air and duct sealing services prevent energy loss by sealing leaks in your ductwork and home. This improves HVAC efficiency, boosts indoor air quality, and creates a more comfortable, healthy environment.

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We offer blown-in insulation service to enhance your home's thermal performance. By insulating critical areas, we reduce heat loss, lower energy bills, and improve overall comfort and energy efficiency.

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